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Hi! I'm Kelsey..

I currently reside in Suite 108 inside the Salon Studios in Coralville, IA.

It has been a 19 year journey of education, training, team work, hard work, more education, and minimal tears to get here.

I've got a crabby little English bulldog, a codependent rescue chihuahua, and two naughty humans keeping me busy when I'm not behind the chair. Between T-ball, soccer, Cub Scouts, dance, vet visits (bulldog people know), laundry and never ending house projects, I try to find time to read sexy dragon rider books, watch some sort of mindless drivel on Netflix (lookin at you, Love is Blind)  or convince my husband to go to a multi course plated meal at an obscure local restaurant.

If you scroll my instagram long enough you'll find some really fun vibrant colors, but in the last couple of years I've realized my favorite services to perform are the low maintenance, long lasting, enhanced natural versions of what you've been blessed with so you can confidently carry on your busy life.

If you're looking for an efficient hairstylist that you can trust to keep you polished and professional, then I might just be the one for you. 

Can't wait to meet you!


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