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Please note that all prices are subject to change depending on your specific hair circumstances.
Haircut is included in all color services. Facial waxing, deep conditioning 
treatments, and glosses can all be added at time of service for additional charge.

Clipper Cut


Scalp massage, clipper work on the sides, clippers or shears on the top. This service includes wash, dry, and product to style. *not currently taking new clients for this service*



Can be either a clear treatment to add moisture and shine or a tonal treatment for the same benefits but while refining existing tone (neutralizing yellow, adding gold reflection)

Brow Tint & Wax


Helps to reshape and give fuller darker appearance to brows who are lightening, or we’re over plucked for decades. Forgot to book it? No worries, there’s always time. Just remind me while I’m applying your color.


Partial foil + cut


Intermixing bold ribbons and micro weaves of lightener to give you a dimensional blonde that won’t have a harsh grow out after just a few weeks. 

Cut & Style


Scalp massage, holistic cleanse and pH balancing mask, detailed blow out & a cut that cooperates with your hair texture & density, growth patterns & skull shape. *currently scheduling stand alone haircut appointments on Fridays*

Roots w/ Dimension + cut


Most requested service. This includes grey coverage or grey blending with either high or lowlights to give dimension. 

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