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Are you currently getting your greys covered every 2-3 weeks and you’re ready to embrace some of that beautiful dimension and work towards only having to color every 6-8+ weeks? Then we just might be the right match for each other! Please contact me for a digital consultation so we can get you scheduled and start the journey to lower maintenance hair color.


It’s a journey

It generally takes about 3 sessions to start feeling like you can stretch the weeks between colors. Each session will be a different combination of base color, highlights and lowlights depending on your natural color variations and lines of demarcation.


Be open to change

The process starts by adding in a lot of micro highlights to start breaking up years of dark color. There may be tones and shades exposed that you have never worn before. Initially the goal is to soften as we let your natural grey patterns start to show. It will slowly shift every appointment as we figure out what your new formula will be. 


Enhanced natural is unique

Every person has a different amount and layout of their grey hair. Usually after the third appointment we have a better idea of your unique patterns and can start to determine what amount of coverage and dimension you are comfortable with. From there we can establish a unique formula and application method specific to reach your hair goals. 


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