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So you decided to book with with me...

Let's cover some basics!

First and foremost, welcome! I know that finding (and trusting) a new hairstylist can be really stressful, so I'll try to ease some of that tension by letting you know what you can expect the day of your appointment.

I am located inside Salon Suites in Coralville (same strip as Bruegger's, Barzini's, and Tailgators.) The address is

420 1st Ave

Coralville, IA 52241

There is plenty of parking, but it can become a little congested around lunch time. Once you come in the doors for Salon Studios you will take your first left and go to the end of the hallway. I am located in Suite 107 with the cream drapes. You are welcome to wait in the white chairs outside my suite until I am ready for you. 

Suite 107 is a two chair micro salon, so there is a possibility that my angel of a suite mate Terra will also be taking clients at the same time. I like to optimize my schedule and create as much available time as possible for my guests so there is also a chance that I will have a color processing while yours is being applied, or vice versa. 

Speaking of processing, that's where the fun begins. While the haircolor is working it's science on your head you get to relax in a massage chair while enjoying a selection of beverage and snack options. We have coffee, hot tea, Big Grove beer, Two Chicks mixed drinks, and La Croix as well as Skinny Pop popcorn, bars, and assorted chocolates. 

I use mostly OWay products and colors (and some Original Mineral). Both are the most eco conscience and sustainable professional brands I could find. Oway only uses glass and aluminum packaging and most of the ingredients come from a biodynamic farm in Italy. You can check out all of the retail products (and even order online) 

A little bit about me: I've been doing hair for almost 17 years. I'm an education junkie and LOVE going to classes to continue expanding my knowledge of the hair world. I specialize in formulations and application techniques that are soft, subtle, grow out without harsh lines, and require less time in the salon.

I'm a bit of a nutrition nut with a weak spot for french fries, I have two young children and two old bulldogs, I have a knack for booking cheap vacations, thrifting clothing, and ordering an excessive amount of Dyson and Apple products. Life is about balance, right?

SO enough about me and my space, let's talk about YOU! What can you do to ensure we end up on the same page during your consultation? 

Have inspiration. Photos are great. Please keep in mind that pinterest photos are used as a general idea. Your hair will never look exactly like one photo, but so many hair terms are relative so pictures help to show me your ideas. Be realistic in the photos you choose. If you never curl your hair, don't bring in pictures of curled hair. 

Be open and honest. Do you have an idea of how often you'd like to come in due to budget or your schedule? We can change our formulations and application (and sometimes standards) to accommodate.

Don't be afraid to ask questions or express concern, and be prepared to also receive both from me. I am not afraid to tell someone if they have unrealistic expectations, but I will always give explanations and alternatives. 

I'm so excited to meet you and have you experience my sweet little space. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to reach me via the contact page on my website or email at

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